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“A little birdie told us...”


Here at the Sanctuary, both the birds and staff greatly appreciate volunteers! There's always much to do and much going on. Please contact us about joining our volunteer database. Because there's a lot to learn about our parrot friends, you may start out helping with the regular daily chores that keep the Sanctuary functional and the birds happy. Cleaning cages and preparing food may seem mundane, but you'll quickly understand why hygiene and good nutrition are key to parrot species health. Giving the flock some love and socialization is always the best reward, and the birds love paying that forward. 

SBBS is also grateful for people with special talents and skills. 

  • Are you a crackerjack at landscaping? Could you help with tropical plantings or create beautiful backdrops? 

  • Partial to the arts or writing and can provide those abilities? Could you draw a picture for our newsletter or send us an account of your experiences at SBBS?

  • Fancy yourself quite the sous chef? How many fruits and veggies are you ready to chop up in our Parrot Pantry?

  • Want to help at tour time or special events? You may learn a lot during our tours while helping to wrangle guests through the facility, as they visit each parrot and soon discover that cockatoos are the loudest birds at the Sanctuary. 

  • Got a great camera for stills and videos? We're always looking for close-ups and panoramas of our birds.


Surprise us! Fill out the volunteer application form you'll find on this page and tell us what your interests and your talents are. You'll be doing a great community service for SBBS and our fantastic flock.

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