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Planned Relinquishment

Considering Relinquishment?

Relinquishment Policies and Process (2020) 


Help is at hand!

If you love birds – and love a particular bird – you're our kind of person!

If you're having difficulties with your bird, you can always depend on

SBBS to help you with education, information, and other resources for

and about birds. 


Currently at full capacity :(

SBBS cares about every bird; we wish we could serve every bird in need. If we can't help you overcome your specific bird problem and the only answer for you is relinquishment, SBBS can provide  you with some assistance. Sadly though, the Sanctuary is currently at full capacity. Until our roster of adoptable birds has been diminished, SBBS is unable to take in any additional birds at this time. 


Sign up on SBBS's waiting list

Should you be able to continue caring for your bird until SBBS has space, getting placed on our waiting list would be the first step. SBBS is happy to take your contact information and bird information with the full understanding that you will contribute financially to your bird's upkeep and well-being once the bird enters the Sanctuary. 


Continuing $$$ responsibility 

Upon relinquishment, your continuing monthly monetary contribution depends on the species, size, age, and health of your bird as well as its ability to be rehomed. 


It should be noted that some people prefer their birds remain at the sanctuary rather than being adopted; this decision requires greater ongoing support because it is for the lifetime of the bird. 


SBBS considers four categories of birds. They are: 

  • Small birds – Budgies, Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Parrotlets

  • Medium birds – Conures, Senegals, Caiques, Small Parrots

  • Large birds – Amazons, African greys, Small Cockatoos

  • Extra-large birds – Medium Sulphurs, Umbrellas, Moluccans, Macaws​


Unadoptable??? What then?

If your bird is unadoptable due to health and/or behavior problems, SBBS will require more substantial monetary support, determined by the number and nature of the problems. Proof of good health or health problems must be submitted in the form of an avian veterinarian check up. SBBS specifies what diagnostics and tests are required. SBBS can also refer you to a reputable avian veterinarian in your area.


Will/Trust provisions

If your concern is about the future – who will care for your bird when you no longer can – you can preplan with SBBS, stipulating in your will or trust to have your bird come to SBBS upon your demise. In this instance, having made your wishes known to SBBS, your bird will have a home here even if SBBS is at full capacity.

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