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Meet the Director

“People come in and they will say they want a bird that talks, that's quiet, and that doesn’t bite. And that species has not yet been discovered."   

—Jamie McLeod

Sanctuary Director

They know her and love her. You will often find Jamie working on her laptop with a parrot on her shoulder and others perched all around. As she goes into and around the aviaries, you hear loving calling and cooing. For these birds, Jamie has usually been the first kind healing contact in a new unknown place, after often traumatic and neglected situations. The parrots know the presence and deft touch of their compassionate savior and dedicated consistent caregiver.


And we know and love her, too. Jamie cheerfully greets and answers questions of Sanctuary visitors. She reaches out to the community and schools, and leads the educational programs and entertaining live shows. She works hands-on with potential and new adoptive owners, Sanctuary staff, volunteers, vendors, donors, and Board of Directors. She shares her expertise and is always kind, patient, energetic, and inspiring.


Jamie earned a degree in Exotic Animal Training and Management from Moorpark College in 1984, and she is an avian behavioral consultant. She has worked at the Santa Barbara Humane Society, Santa Barbara Zoological Gardens, Bowmanville Zoo in Canada, and at the San Diego and Los Angeles Zoos. Since 1995, she has owned and operated Menagerie, a bird grooming and boarding service, and also a store of toys, “parrot-phernalia,” and her own line of nutritious frozen gourmet bird food, McLeod’s Parrot Cuisine.

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