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Tours & Special Events

“Birds have wing; they're free; they can fly where they want when they want. They have the kind of mobility many people envy.” —Roger Tory Peterson


The closest we can get to understanding the avian experience is to go on one of SBBS's “Avian Adventures.” Each event includes a program, tour and enrichment activity, giving insight into the world of birds. 

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WOW – World of Wings

Travel around the world in a show of birds from Indonesia, South America, and Africa. You will say “wow” when you are greeted by the Sanctuary's Avian Ambassadors, entertained by their personalities, and explore their origins and natural habitats.

PALS Parrots in Arts, Literature & Science

See parrots through the eyes of artists such as Mexico's Frida Kahlo and and the Southwest 

Native Americans. View parrots through the lenses of scientists such as Audubon and Darwin. Read verses that salute birds written by such poets as Shelley and Keats from England and Poe from the US. By the end of the event, you'll be inspired to write your own poem or create your own unique artwork utilizing our beautiful birds as muses.

CARE – Conservation, Adaptation, Rescue, & Environment 

Take an up close and personal look at our endangered parrot species, how birds adapt physically to their environments, and ways to preserve the birds in nature. Learn how to ensure parrot well-being in the wild and in your own home.

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Girl Scout's getting up-close with a Green Wing Macaw during an Avian Adventure program.

Behind the Scenes with SBBS Director Jamie McLeod

For a special party-like experience hosted by the Sanctuary Director herself, enjoy a close encounter of an avian kind. With Jamie at the helm, you'll spend a unique half hour getting to touch, pet, and play with some of the Ambassador birds. One might just walk up your arm and perch on your shoulder. Then, a staff member or Sanctuary volunteer leads a guided tour of the Sanctuary, ending with a photo opportunity for you to pose with all your new feathered friends.

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Jamie giving an educational presentation at Lotusland.

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Babu loves giving kisses! Checkout her completed Avian Adventures patch!

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