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“A fine cage won't feed the bird.”


Intrigued enough by the flock to offer your support? Sponsoring one or more birds in the Forever Flock,

whether from our Avian Ambassadors or our Unadoptables, will help us defray the costs of food and care and allow us to continue our work as advocates for these beautiful, often misunderstood, creatures. Please go to our “Meet the

Flock” page to visit with many of our parrot species.

Small Bird – $20 monthly or $200 annually

i.e. Cockatiel, Lovebird, Parakeet

Medium Bird – $35 monthly or $350 annually,

i.e. Conure, Senegal, Ringneck, Meyers

Large Bird – $50 monthly or $500 annually,

i.e. Amazon, African Grey, Small Cockatoo

Extra Large Bird- $75 monthly or $750 annually,

i.e. Macaw, Large Cockatoo

Sponsor a Bird Now!

View a list of sponsor-able birds.

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