Avian Ambassadors of the Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary


Sneak preview of our book Avian Ambassadors with special guest Tutti Frutti the Curl-Crested Aracari 

Avian Ambassadors is a full-color, coffee table book you'll want to have as a souvenir of your visit to the Sanctuary or in place of a visit until you can come and see the birds for yourself. With each page, you enter the world of the Sanctuary. You'll get a bird's eye view of the facility, the learning center, and many of the birds who call SBBS home. You'll also meet Jamie and witness her dedication to the birds at the Sanctuary. The photographs are beyond realistic; you'll get a true sense of our birds' intelligence, their hearts and souls, and the emotional connection that happens at the

Sanctuary between parrot and human. Special thanks to Howard Morris, photographer and designer, for his extraordinary contributions to Avian Ambassadors.


For a donation of $50.00, you will receive the Sanctuary's commemorative book and a link to the insightful video – Under Her Wing


Under Her Wing follows SBBS Director Jamie McLeod at the Sanctuary, documenting the challenges and rewards of caring for parrots with their larger-than-life personalities and needs. 


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