Blue & Gold Macaw – Born: ?

This gorgeous bird was relinquished to sanctuary by his second owners who no longer had time for him. Sinbad is a really good natured guy that loves to eat and gets along wellwith just about anyone, kids included. He will make a great family pet.


  1. Melissa

    Hi there! I would love to know more information on Sinbad. What is his estimated age? How vocal is he? Did his previous owners treat him with care? Do you have any information on his first owners? How do you think having a third owner will affect Sinbad?

    Thank you ever so much!


    • Heather

      Sinbad has already been in and out of 3 homes through the Sanctuary. We do not have an exact age on him but the Sanctuary Director has known him for 15 years. His original owner brought him as a mature bird from Puerto Rico to the mainland and gave him up due to life changes. His second home gave him up due to losing their home and the third due to illness in the family. He is slightly feather picked, and as most macaws are he can be noisy in the afternoon. He does not have a huge vocabulary but is a very good natured bird that gets along with just about everyone including kids and dogs. Because he has been in and out three times any potential applicants will have to be screened extensively. We cannot in good conscience adopt him out again unless our director is confident it will be his final, forever home. Half a dozen visits, an interview with the director and a home visit would be required. For privacy purposes we do not share personal information about previous owners, but he has been treated with kindness always.

      Please come visit, even if it’s only to say hello to the flock! They love visitors. We are open Wednesday – Monday from 10am-4pm. It’s best to arrive before 3pm so there is enough time to visit all of the birds before they go inside to have dinner.

  2. Debbie

    I’ve been looking to save a bird like Lou. We are a family of 4. We LOVE animals.
    We have 8 hens that we raised since they were 3 days old. They lived inside our home until summer, when the weather turned warm. They even visit us inside. I give them yogurt, fresh veg -salad especially and noodles.
    We have a dog, rabbit and 2 guinea pigs. 1 parakeet that is over 10 years old. She is very happy birdie!
    I’ve never had a MacCaw but used to visit a Hyacinth MacCaw named, Henry at a local store. I used to visit Henry during my lunch breaks as I did not work far from the location then. I adopted a cockatiel that I named, Sunshine. He lived to age 15. The avian vet had told me over the years that he was the most graceful free flying domestic cockatiel that he has ever seen. I never clipped his wings as I let him free fly in a ‘flight room’ in my home. I miss his singing and whistling.
    I’d like to speak with you to see if Sinbad is a “right fit” for him..he will be part of our family and we don’t give up on family. Animals are never disposable for us.
    I don’t live near you and I’m not sure if this is at all possible as well.
    I look forward to your reply.
    Debbie & family

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