Phoebe Linden Letter of the Santa Barbara Bird Farm

Dear Friends,
So many of you want to help Harry and me as we begin the arduous task of cleaning up after the fire. Thank you!! Even though everything is covered in soot, we take our cue from Percy Lou and the 47 other safe parrots: sing while cleaning. We are sooooo happy to have a home and to be home. The one most important thing everyone can do — well, two things — first, be prepared yourselves! Second, please make a donation to Jamie McLeod’s SB Bird Sanctuary ( Any amount is welcome! (Hopefully, they’ll get some new emergency carriers with the funds! 🙂 Also, they are caring for many displaced parrots right now! (all donations are tax deductible!!) So, the flames are towers roaring down the mountain headed smack towards our back yard. Our friends* are prepping carriers but Harry and I don’t know if we have enough time. A part of my brain is wondering, will I have to decide who to take and who to leave? The columns twirl in the wind. Smoke and ash smack us as we work. Lots of the birds hurry right into their carriers: they’ve got the whole “emergency” message!

I load Josserlynn and Garcia in the van, turn, and see out of the smoke, Jamie McLeod. Oh my goddess goodness, Jamie. The relief I feel — she’s got carriers and she’s moving fast — is overwhelming even now. The moment I saw Jamie I knew we had a chance to get everyone out. ** Right behind Jamie is Jodi, sister terrific. Linda Wudl! God bless you, bless you, bless you. Jamie is right – it was a hellish night, but seeing those angels in the smoke provided the yin to the yang. Please consider opening your heart and wallets to support the selfless work of the Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary, a not for profit 501c3 organization where parrots find a flock and much, much more. Any amount is appreciated. Jamie, Jodi, Linda — you are my heros! I am full of gratitude for you and confident that your good works will continue and that support will come for you — as it did for me — out of smoke and ash.

with love,
Phoebe Linden
Santa Barbara Bird Farm

*friends on the spot: Barbara and John who stayed throughout, Arnulfo our son/brother, Patty Keller an angel, too, Hiladio the strong and his helper. Elly and Michael!

** Many who know me know that I *always* say, If I had to give an injection to a rhino, I’d want Jamie to be helping me. Her competence is amazing, friends. Just amazing — this woman can accomplish with non-human species the utterly impossible. There is no one better in an emergency than Jamie. I thank God for her anew. Please help me tell her the value of her specialness.


Dearest Phoebe and Harry,
The birds and I are eternally grateful for your effusive gratitude and most especially for your plea to friends for support to the Sanctuary. More carriers are definitely in order as are funds to support our ever growing flock. I’m overjoyed that your home and flock are safe and sound and that my help made a difference. I only did what needed to be done as quickly as possible. I’d do it again in a heartbeat, for the birds! Just promise me you won’t be getting rhinos anytime soon!


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