Memorial Wall

Images of angels grace the wall of this page, a way to honor the memory of birds we have lost along the way. Words of remembrance are an expression of love to keep memories alive and close to your heart. Here on our wall their memories live forever….

If you would like to participate in the memorial wall please download the attached form….


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  • Quill

    QuillQuill was with us for 21 years. A cockatiel MIGHTY in his own mind. Not a good bird, not a pretty bird, but in his own words: a Pretty Good Bird.

  • Vincent


    Vincent, you were such a happy, hilarious, and sweet boy. You always lit up the room with your cat-call whistles, antics, and chatter! We miss your candy-corn beak, your handsome-looks, your gentle nature – and the unconditional love you gave us will always stay close in our hearts. Fly free forever, Vincent. We love and miss you so.

  • Bird Zuzia


    Zuzia and I experienced love at first sight. She was the most expressive and loving bird I have ever encountered. Though she came to me quite ill and our time together was short I cherish every moment of it and she lives on in my heart.

  • Max


    MaxMax….you filled a room with sunshine and raucous exuberance. Always the first to say hello when I came home, the silence you left behind is deafening. You are missed by many each and every day.

  • Tonto


    Your personality was larger than life and just as crazy and colorful as your wild headdress, I still miss you each and every day. My teacher and friend, I learned so much from you….thank you for twenty wonderful years of companionship. You left me years ago but I still feel your presence in my heart as if it were only yesterday.

  • Image 2


    I loved you; you always gave me a morale boost and peace for the moment.
    I can still feel you scampering and snuggling; I gladly confess that I felt closer to you than to any other.
    I miss you so much; thank you my dear little girl for the short time we were able to be together.
    You let my spirit fly with yours; yours will always be with mine.

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  • Isadore

    Isador Littleby (aka Iggie)

    Isador Littleby was an ethereal mischievous sprite who never failed to make me giggle. My little kindred spirit….you touched my soul so deeply that I remain forever changed. RIP precious Iggie, you will never be forgotten.

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