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The Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary needs your help! 

In our mission to provide the highest standard of living for the unwanted, abused and orphaned parrots in our care, we are pursuing ways to create a more facilitative environment for flight at the Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary. The first phase is to raise “seed monies” for the initial architectural plans and permitting process with the Santa Barbara County Planning Department.

Our ultimate vision is to build a climate-controlled Avian Atrium or “Aviarium” on the sanctuary grounds. Birds thrive in an environment that allows more natural behaviors like foraging and flying, just as nature intended. Please join us at to see what it’s all about!


Many of our sanctuary birds are ready to be adopted into loving homes but some of our birds require extensive care in the sanctuary environment. Our goal for neglected and abused parrots is rehabilitation, both in terms of health and behavior, so that adoption into a loving home environment is possible. Sadly, many of these birds come to us with physical and behavioral problems that make placement in adoptive homes difficult if not impossible. It is our goal that un-adoptable birds remain safely in Sanctuary for the duration of their lives.

View the birds in our “Forever Flock” and seeking sponsorship. →

The Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary is solely reliant on personal contributions and foundation grants to sustain the operation of our facility and provide educational services. With your support, we can continue to care for and improve the quality of life for our beloved companions.

Your contribution allows us to carry out our important work as advocates and caretakers for these magnificent yet misunderstood creatures.


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