Emergency Preparedness

Our current climate condition is ripe for disaster! As an owner of dogs, horses and birds, I keep emergency preparedness for all of them in the forefront of my planning. Appropriate crates (or trailers!), feed and water are critical parts of your evacuation plan. Do you know where you can quickly go, with your animals in an emergency? Phone service is often disabled so set a place to meet up with loved ones ahead of time. Check with your local Animal Services Agency and the Red Cross for current information about pets and shelters. Most shelters will not allow animals (except Service Animals), but do have arrangements with local agencies to care for your evacuated animal family.

And finally, when an evacuation notice is given, take heed! When you hear the words “Voluntary Evacuation”, it’s time for people with special needs, and those with animals to leave. By the time officials use the word “Mandatory,” the streets will be clogged with emergency responders and others that waited too long!

In Santa Barbara County, you can find more emergency preparedness information at:
In Ventura County, you can find more emergency preparedness information at:

And, as always, the Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary stands ready to help!

Dale Carnathan

Emergency preparedness tip

Bag your cleaned carrier in a garbage bag. Inside the carrier you can store items that will be needed such as bottled water, dry and canned foods, as well as an emergency kit. in the event that you need to evacuate everything will be ready…..simply dump the supplies into the garbage bag, crate your bird and your good to go! If time allows other important belongings can be added to the garbage bag. In many cases you may only have minutes before you need to vacate, having to make choices about favorite pets or belongings is difficult, be prepared ahead of time!

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