About Us


What we do

When a bird enters Sanctuary its needs are assessed and a program is implemented to address those needs. For many of these birds we must win their love and trust again. With proper medical attention, nutrition, and training many Sanctuary birds can be placed in new homes. We are committed to finding “forever” homes for these unwanted birds. For birds with special needs which cannot be placed in new homes, we provide a safe haven with nurturing care.

We offer educational programs for individuals thinking of buying or adopting a bird. Learning about the complex needs of these special creatures before bringing one into the family is critical to breaking the “throw away mentality” rescue organizations are faced with.

Our organization also works closely with owners to arrange for long-term sanctuary in the event that they become unable to care for, or should predecease, their companion bird.

Why we do this

Unfortunately, many birds come to us having been purchased on impulse by those uninformed of the realities of living with a parrot. They are cuddly, smart, sociable, and talkative and can make great surrogate children. On the other hand they are also messy, noisy, destructive, demanding, and can bite very hard. The novelty can wear off quickly, at which point the bird either becomes neglected, is given away, or relinquished to a sanctuary.

Since many larger species of exotic companion parrots can live up to 80 years or more, it is difficult for even the most devoted of owners to remain committed for this lengthy life span. We have taken these exotic, intelligent and beautiful creatures out of their natural habitat. Now and for the remainder of their lives they must rely on us for their care.

While there are many local rescue and sanctuary organizations that provide care and refuge for other common household pets, companion birds present a special problem. Their high level of intelligence makes them extremely sensitive. Without proper feeding, care, and human interaction, they will develop self-destructive behavior, aggression and often, life threatening diseases.


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